Frequently asked questions

when do i pay?

you will not be charged untill we show you a sample for your approval but you must give a 50% refundable deposit then give the rest after approval

how do i know you have mailed the flyer?

you will receive a receipt from usps

i am not sure about direct marketing

a recent gallup poll found that 4 in 10 americans get excited to check their mail. 81% still pay attention to their mail. 55% of consumers report that they "look forward to what they'll recive in the mail. that means direct mail is not intrusive to prospects,like email and digital ads direct marketing response rate is 750% more than email.

what do you recommend?

we recommend that you advertice at least 6 months 93% of people ages 25-34 have responded to direct marketing -88% respond within 6 months. 82% of millennials will trust your business for sheer reason that it has been printed on quality paper and delivered by the usps.

how long does it take to reach homes after print?

it arrives in the home 14-21 days after we go to print.it takes 4 days for printing and 3 days to prepare the mailing for post office.then 7 -14 in transit.